Park Lane

I left Christina Lake on Tuesday heading to Texas Creek Provincial campground, about 13 km’s away.  When I arrived the campground was full.  I talked to the host(ess) and she would not let me stay.  I was shocked as in Ontario, if you are a cyclist they will always find a little bit of grass somewhere to accommodate you.  So back to Christina Lake I went, and the positive side is that I am staying at a wonderful campsite Park Lane, where the hosts Wendy and Pete give a 50% discount to cyclists.  The place is very natural and quiet.  So it is a rest day today; enjoying reading a novel and relaxing in the sun.

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I left Monday June 27th to begin riding the KVR.  Unfortunately the trail is nonexistent until you get to Brookmere.  I started on it just outside of Merritt and after 4 km’s it was all overgrown with private property signs and no trespassing.  So back I went to Coldwater Road, a very hilly ride with a lot of tough climbing, over 500 meters.  Finally before Brookmere I spotted the trail and started to ride on it.  It was in terrible condition as vehicles have not been excluded and they have really chewed up the surface.  It is very washboard like and in places there is a lot of loose rock and where there have been washouts, the trail is unrideable.

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