Longing to be on the road again

This is the third day of fog in the Comox Valley, with an air quality and fog advisory.

Today with the fog, I feel trapped, longing to be on the road in a warm climate.  I feel like I am wasting away here, as much as this is a beautiful place.

At times I long for the simplicity of life on the road. I feel tempted at times just to get rid of everything and become a nomad. Maybe find an inexpensive place to live in a warmer climate, such as Central or South America.

I recently learned about Bike Traveller Magazine, a free publication.  It is so inspiring to see so many people exploring the World by bike.  http://www.bicycletraveler.bicyclingaroundtheworld.nl/

Reading all these tales of adventure, is definitely helping to stir up these longings.  They are calling me to dream bigger.  I love this quote by John Barrymore, “A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams”.

Some of the photos you will see are by Juan Sisto.  We traveled together for several weeks in Argentina and Chile.  I was sitting on a stone wall one day in a National Park in Argentina when this cyclist came along.  He said, “you must be Peter”.  He had heard about me at the warmshowers hostess I had stayed at in El Bolson.