Since I finished my bicycle journey through the Americas a lot has happened.
I lost my old website and newsletter to malware. So I have a brand new website and newsletter.

I moved to Toronto August 1st to be closer to an international travel hub and also to teach yoga and mindfulness. I have been cycling throughout the Winter; although some days it was just too cold. Also I have rediscovered the joy of cross country skiing and snowshoeing, as I missed two winters while travelling. We have had a real old fashioned winter here with a Polar vortex keeping temperatures way below normal for Toronto. We had an incredible freezing rain storm in December. I was without power for 5 days over Christmas, but fortunately was able to stay with friends who did.

March 7th – I will be doing a PowerPoint presentation of my Journey through the Americas at MEC (Mountain Equipment Coop) in Toronto. Space is limited to 15 people – it’s free but you must sign up by going to this link:

I am now planning my next adventure (s). Although final plans are not made, I am looking at cycling the Lewis and Clark bicycle route to Seaside Oregon starting mid-April. I made a wonderful friend through, Neil in Seaside and he and I are talking about hiking section G of the Pacific Crest Trail, from Walker Pass to Kennedy Meadows in July, a distance of 115 miles or 185 km’s. This is one of the highest sections and could include a side trip up Mount Whitney, the highest mountain in Continental USA.

Later in the Fall of this year, I am considering doing some volunteer work with ChildHaven ( ) in Nepal for 3-6 months and afterwards trekking in the Indian Himalaya and possibly doing some bike touring in India.

In March I will be teaching a Mindful Awareness workshop Wednesday nights at Fit Journey, which is right across the street from where I live – see for further details or go to my website –

After I return from the West Coast I will be co-facilitating a Mindfulness Retreat with Ante and Felicia Pavlovic. I will send out a separate newsletter soon with all the details. You can also go to my website or

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