I’ve now been in costa Rica since end of November.  Doing some bike touring and teaching yoga at Auberge de Alma.



January 9 

Today I had a breakthrough in my riding.  I have been slowly making my way a little further up to San Isidro de el General. This was my 3rd ride. It’s only a 34 km ride to San Isidro, but almost 1400 meters of climbing up to 1100 meters.  The first two times I rode only 17 km’s and had to walk 2 or 3 times.  Today I made it – 18 km’s with no walking.  I felt much stronger.  It is amazing how just a little bit better conditioning can result in your being able to handle the load.  I wanted to make it to a little town another 4 km’s, but stopped in Platanillo.  My hamstrings were getting tight and I knew I would be pushing it.  I had breakfast before it got hot.  It was cooler even at this elevation of 436 meters with a lovely view looking down over a valley with the mountains in the distance.


I climbed a total of 508 meters with a maximum grade of 13.1 % according to RideGPS.  My top speed descending was 60.5 – almost 2 hours to get up and less than an hour to come back.  I think next time I can make it to San Isidro, but consider this.  I still have another 700 meters to climb in the next 8 km’s.  The last 8 are downhill or flat into San Isidro.  Coming back should theoretically be easier but there will be some climbing including a couple of climbs right near the end.  But it was very satisfying to notice improvement and to have hope that I can now make it.


Next post will be some thoughts on travelling as a life style.


for images of Costa Rica – go to –

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