Beginner’s Mind


Recently as I started to teach a yoga class, one of the women said she had been practicing yoga for some but was not an expert.  I thought that was a very profound statement, although she probably said it so I wouldn’t be too tough on her.

It reminded me of Shunryu Susuki’s book “Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind”.  It represented a series of informal talks on meditation and practice.  In one talk he talked about Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind, “in the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities in the expert’s mind there are few”.

If we come to yoga and meditation with beginner’s mind we see everything fresh.  It is as if we have never done yoga before, everything is new.  We experience new sensations, new ways of seeing even after having done the pose or sat in meditation many times before.

This is a wonder attitude to bring to practice and to bring to life.

May you see everything with Beginner’s Mind.

Breathing in I experience my breath

Breathing out I feel fresh


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