I left Monday June 27th to begin riding the KVR.  Unfortunately the trail is nonexistent until you get to Brookmere.  I started on it just outside of Merritt and after 4 km’s it was all overgrown with private property signs and no trespassing.  So back I went to Coldwater Road, a very hilly ride with a lot of tough climbing, over 500 meters.  Finally before Brookmere I spotted the trail and started to ride on it.  It was in terrible condition as vehicles have not been excluded and they have really chewed up the surface.  It is very washboard like and in places there is a lot of loose rock and where there have been washouts, the trail is unrideable.

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BC Tour

June 25, 2016

It has been a while since I have written in the blog.

I’m in Merritt British Columbia about to begin a 1040 km ride along the Kettle Valley Railway.  You can see the maps by going to this link – epic1000.  I’m not doing it as a race, just wanting to ride off road in a great part of the natural world. Continue reading “BC Tour”

New Zealand

Leaving Greymouth I followed the West Coast wilderness Trail along the sea turning inland just before Kumara Junction to Kumara a tiny hamlet on the road to Arthur’s Pass. One can camp in the park there but the locals recommended continuing another 5 km’s to a reservoir where there is just an outdoor toilet and water from the reservoir, which I filtered. I have used my Sawyer filter quite a bit here in New Zealand. It’s good for 100,000 liters and only weighs 2 oz. I highly recommend it for travelling. Continue reading “New Zealand”

Taiwan tour

I’ve now been in Taiwan for almost 6 weeks. Tomorrow I will fly to Hong Kong.
I have gone all around this island. I cannot recommend bike touring here. There is too much traffic and it is all high way riding, especially on the west coast which is very built up. The highlights for me are the food and the people. For cycling I recommend several cities with bike paths, especially Taipei and Kaohsiung which is rated best city in Asia to bike in. I have done a few 40 km rides along the river on a bike path in Taipei – very nice. It is very busy on weekends. Continue reading “Taiwan tour”


Food, food, food, stinky tofu, chicken’s feet, lots of vegies.  Wonderful people.  Friendly, helpful.  Terrible air quality.  Highlights are Taipei city, Keelung and the marine museum and best coffee, a hotspring in Jinshan, 20 km’s of bike path in Tamsui, Sun Moon lake where the air was cleaner and a little cooler.  I went to a Taiwanese wedding with my friend Hsiuling – food!!!

I will let the photos speak for themselves.

Photos flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHskohqiXp – Taiwan