Bruce Trail Presentation

Toronto Bruce Trail Club




Date:              Saturday October 25th, 2014               

Location:       Metro Hall Room #308

                        55 John St.   

King Street car to John St. or Subway to St. Andrew Station, then walk through “PATH” to Metro Hall or walk above ground 2 blocks west.

Time:             3:00pm        

Our Adventure Biker:        Peter Brother on his Journey through the Americas

                                                From the Yukon to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina  


Peter Brother, one of our Toronto Bruce Trail Members, will give his slide show presentation outlining his 20-month adventure, cycling 13,000 km. through the Americas.   Starting in Kluane Junction in the Yukon Peter travelled to the southern-most city in the world, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

Peter turned 70 while on his journey and he hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams.  He taught meditation and yoga in Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru, visited Machu Picchu, trekked in the Cordillera Blanca, trekked in the 2nd deepest canyon in the world and visited one of the few glaciers that are still growing.  He met many amazing travelers and the people of Latin America – friendly people everywhere he went.

Come and listen to his stories of adventure and see some of the most beautiful scenes of Latin America.

We will also be planning a pub visit after the presentation to continue the event. Attendees will be polled to decide the location, then possibly a visit to Shoeless Joes across the street for refreshments and further discussion. This will allow you to meet and question Peter about his past and future adventures in more detail. Keep abreast of this event through E-Notes.


Slider 4


All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.” -T. E. Lawrence

This past summer I received my new custom made touring bike from True North Cycles – .


The bike has an internal Rohloff hub with 14 speeds. It hopefully means less maintenance and greater longevity of the chain. It also has S & S couplers, which means I can ‘break’ it into two parts and pack it in a 30” x 30” case. No more bike charges on the airlines.

I have done two tours over the summer and it has been a delight to ride the bike. in July I toured the Waterfront Trail from Niagara Falls to Windsor. From mid August to end of September I visited my friends Mike and Karen in Edmonton, who I met in Oregon. We cycled together for a week. I then spent a week in Jasper and a month visiting my son Jonathan in Victoria where I toured the gulf Islands and San Juan Islands during the week and hung out with him on weekends.

Costa Rica

I am pleased to announce that I will be teaching yoga from December to mid-February and offering a one week yoga and meditation retreat in Costa Rica. This will be at Cabinsalma ( ) a wonderful small resort which accommodates up to about 20 people in total. It has a swimming pool, yoga platform and lovely rooms that are designed so heat escapes through screened ceiling vents. It is a 5 minute walk to the Pacific Ocean and close to waterfalls, reserves, and small towns. There are two options available:

1) Drop in for a day or a week or as long as you wish. Check website for daily rates. Yoga classes will be offered early in the morning before breakfast and late in the afternoon – $10 per class.

2) A one week retreat from January 3 – 11, 2015:

Single occupancy: US$760
Double occupancy: US$660
* taxes
* 3 meals per day – minus one dinner and one lunch
* 7 days (nights)
* mangrove tour – in inflatable kayaks – 2 people at a time
* a tour of the property – mostly tropical trees and plants

Airfare to Costa Rica extra.
Transportation from and to the San Jose airport is additional. Options include being picked up by bus from San Jose airport (cost to be determined ) or fly to Quepos and be picked up there by a bus/taxi.

We will have one day off so that you can take a tour and have dinner out.

A number of you have expressed interest in coming for the retreat. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested so we can plan. Deadline for expression of interest October 15th. Deadline to register October 31st. Space will be limited to no more than 12 persons. Please contact me at this time either via email or phone – 647-720-1530. Registration details will be provided shortly.


6:00 Wake up
6:15 Meditation – sitting and walking
7:00 Yoga/mindful movement
8:30 Breakfast – silent
9:30 – noon – free time
12:30 lunch
1:30 – 3:30 – free time
4:00 Yoga and meditation
5:00 Free time
6:00 Dinner – talking – one day off to go to dinner in a local restaurant
7:30 Evening program – music, talk, council/sharing, Q & A
8:30 Meditation – sitting & walking
9:30 Noble silence – lights out by 10:00

Waterfront Trail Tour

Come tour with adventurer Peter Brother


I am planning to tour from Windsor starting on July 17th and finishing no later than 27th in Niagara on the Lake. There is a train that has a baggage car on Thursday to Windsor (not on Friday or weekend) and GO now has a summer train from Niagara on the Lake to Toronto on weekends.

Total distance from Windsor is 560 – arriving on the Saturday (26th) would be 10 days of riding averaging 56 km/day. Probably a good idea to take one or 2 rest days – so average of 70 km per day. If we have time we could scoot over to Pelee Island for a day and maybe camp overnight.
Maps can be downloaded for free – from above site. There is lots of camping and options to stay in Motels. Optional yoga and meditation each day.

If interested contact: Peter Brother

Since I finished my bicycle journey through the Americas a lot has happened.
I lost my old website and newsletter to malware. So I have a brand new website and newsletter.

I moved to Toronto August 1st to be closer to an international travel hub and also to teach yoga and mindfulness. I have been cycling throughout the Winter; although some days it was just too cold. Also I have rediscovered the joy of cross country skiing and snowshoeing, as I missed two winters while travelling. We have had a real old fashioned winter here with a Polar vortex keeping temperatures way below normal for Toronto. We had an incredible freezing rain storm in December. I was without power for 5 days over Christmas, but fortunately was able to stay with friends who did.

March 7th – I will be doing a PowerPoint presentation of my Journey through the Americas at MEC (Mountain Equipment Coop) in Toronto. Space is limited to 15 people – it’s free but you must sign up by going to this link:

I am now planning my next adventure (s). Although final plans are not made, I am looking at cycling the Lewis and Clark bicycle route to Seaside Oregon starting mid-April. I made a wonderful friend through, Neil in Seaside and he and I are talking about hiking section G of the Pacific Crest Trail, from Walker Pass to Kennedy Meadows in July, a distance of 115 miles or 185 km’s. This is one of the highest sections and could include a side trip up Mount Whitney, the highest mountain in Continental USA.

Later in the Fall of this year, I am considering doing some volunteer work with ChildHaven ( ) in Nepal for 3-6 months and afterwards trekking in the Indian Himalaya and possibly doing some bike touring in India.

In March I will be teaching a Mindful Awareness workshop Wednesday nights at Fit Journey, which is right across the street from where I live – see for further details or go to my website –

After I return from the West Coast I will be co-facilitating a Mindfulness Retreat with Ante and Felicia Pavlovic. I will send out a separate newsletter soon with all the details. You can also go to my website or

Yoga North to South

On August 26th I started a bicycling expedition/pilgrimage/tour from Haines Junction in the Yukon through the Americas to the tip of South America. The finish will be in Ushuaia, the southern most city in the world. Total distance is approximately 25,000 kilometers. It will take about one and a half years to complete the journey.

The Yukon
The Yukon

The main theme will be “Yoga North to South”. I am also hoping part can be a documentary about the trip, the people, the landscapes (urban and rural), the wildlife, the environmental issues, the outward and the inward journey. I will also be posting photos and videos on the website.


This journey will also be a fund raiser – a number of potential benefactors are being explored. Both my parents died prematurely from cancer and so I am definitely looking at ways to raise funding for organizations such as Hopespring Cancer Support Centre. I also see this as an opportunity to raise peoples’ consciousness about the benefits of cycling, yoga, good diet and living simply.

I am going solo, although I already have one person who wants to join me for part of the journey from the Yukon to Mexico and several friends will be joining me along the way. So far Costa Rica, Peru and Argentina.

Cerro Castillo
Cerro Castillo

I hope to visit many yoga centers on the trip – teach and especially spread my views of yoga as an opportunity to become more aware in every area of our lives, to live life fully (hopefully this journey will be an example of that), exchange views, make a little money, perhaps have a warm bed indoors, etc. I hope to become a sutra or thread that ties yogis together. A new paradigm is emerging in the world based on personal freedom and not tied to any ideology or dogma/doctrine. It is my sincere hope that I will be a representative of this world view; or perhaps one could say non-view. I intend to write about the state of yoga in the Americas from this perspective.

I intend to write articles for yoga and bicycling magazines and maybe a book will emerge out of all of this as well.  I hope this will be an inspiration, especially to older people to follow their dreams.