Carretera Austral

March 17 

This was a hard 80 km day on fairly good gravel for the first 50 km, but the last 30 was in terrible condition.  While I was riding through Alerces National Park a dog had followed me for about 15 km’s.  Today a dog joined me in the plaza and ran alongside me for 30 km’s.  I was amazed at the endurance of these amazing animals and wonderful companions.  At one point after 3 or 4 km’s another dog joined my companion and all 3 of us travelled together.

Juan with dog following us on CA
Juan with dog following us on CA

I finally arrived in a tiny settlement at the famous Carrertera Austral.  I was very excited to finally have arrived and to continue the next day. 


I got a room in the only hospadaje in town.  It was kind of like a boarding house.  There were 3 other men staying there all with trucks who left by 8 in the morning off to work.  We all ate a communal meal consisting of soup and bread around 9 o’clock.

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